So what is flameproofing, and why should it be done? Well, before we can answer those questions, we need to know that flameproofing is sometimes referred to as fireproofing. These are both one in the same. This is important to know, so if you are ever looking online for flameproofing tips, you know that these two things are alike. Now, what is flameproofing? This is a process that is used for treating natural, as well as synthetic, materials. This is done to prevent fires from spreading (both new fires and existing fires). A lot of times, to make different kinds of flameproofing compounds, they use a chemical know as fire retardant. This is a compound that can really help delay the spread of an existing fire. It can also help stop the spread of a new fire, if one is to ever start. The great thing about fire retardant is that it can be applied to any surface that will allow it to stick. Using fire retardant is a very important part of the flameproofing treatment.


So now we know that fire retardant is something that needs to be used whenever you are flameproofing something, but is is safe to use? A lot of chemicals that are out there, that do good things, are not always safe to be around. However, fire retardant is nontoxic and allergen free! This is one of the few chemical compounds that is truly safe to use. That is why fire retardant is used in places where there is going to be a high amount of human traffic. Keep in mind though, when you are using fire retardant to flameproof something, it is best to let it ventilate while it is drying (just like paint would). It’s also best to keep it out of your face and eyes whenever you are applying this chemical.


After knowing what flameproofing is, a lot of people like to know what needs to be flameproofed. According to most fire departments, they recommend that all buildings (whether it be offices or homes) should flameproof things like drapes, curtains, and other decorations that could be easily set on fire. There is really no limit to the amount of places that need to be flameproofed. In fact, any place that has human interaction should be flameproofed. This includes all theaters, restaurants, as well as nightclubs and bars. It is very smart to flameproof your buildings, whether it be your place of business or a place where you live. Many people do not like to flameproof things, because it costs extra money. However, the best way to look at it is the fact that it’s going to cost less to flameproof something than it is to replace everything that would be burned up in a fire. Not only that, but having your building flameproofed can actually save you money on home and business insurance. So the real question should not be why you should I flameproof by home, but why wouldn’t you flameproof your home. After all, it’s always better to be on the safe side.

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