Fire Retardants

If you have been talking about fireproofing things, then it is more than likely that you have heard the term fire retardants come up. So what is a fire retardant, and how can it help you prevent fires? Well, there are two ways that fire retardants work. However, before we get into that, we need to talk about what a fire retardant is. This is a substance that can help prevent combustion of an object. Thus, they are usually used in fire fighting. Of course, there are two ways that it can help fight fires, and that is to delay a fire from spreading, and of course, prevent it altogether. Because of how useful fire retardants are, they are used all the time. In fact, they are used in everything from fireproofing a home, to saving a forest from a fire. So if you want to know if fire retardants are helpful, I think the answer speaks for itself.


It’s a fact that over 390 thousand homes in the United States alone go up in flames each year. This costs the United States almost 600 billion dollars a year just to fix the damage caused by fires. However, lately with the increased heat, fires have been popping up more often. So it is very important that people start using fire retardant to help protect their homes. There are a few different ways that you can use fire retardant to help you. The first way would be like a fire extinguisher. This is your typical A class fire retardant chemical compound. No home should be without one. Another way is to coat a surface with a fire retardant. This is seen a lot during Christmas time. When people buy real trees, they tend to dry out and can catch on fire very quickly. So that is why people cover them in a fire retardant, to help stop that from happening. Although it may not stop a tree from catching on fire, it can help slow it down if it does. Last but not least, it can be used in fighting forest fires. If you have ever seen planes fighting forest fires on TV, then you know how this works. Usually they fly planes that have a mix of water and a red fire retardant that they dump over fires or around trees that are caught on fire. This helps keep the fire from spreading. The mix is red so that you can easily spot the places that have already been treated from the air.


Fire proofing your home is a must, and using fire retardant on surfaces in your home is a good way to start. There are many things that you can do to fire proof your home, but the best thing that anyone can ever do is to keep a close eye on open flames in their house. Use your head when cooking and lighting fires, and nine out of ten times, you can stop a fire before it even starts. Protecting your family is a full time job, but fire retardants can help you get this job done safely and quickly.

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